Katie Atkins is a full time artist and screen printer from Auckland with an enthusiastic passion for all her projects. She has sold and exhibited works in several galleries nationwide, and her commissioned pieces appear throughout the world including India, England, Australia and the United States. Katie brings her trademark street-grit style into the realms of contemporary high-art. Yet her work is acutely accessible, at times subtle and sensitive, which sees collectors from all walks of life adding her work to their walls. She is well-known for her alternative perspective on customised portraits, giving each piece an individual flair while satisfying needs of the client.

Katie’s influences are truly global and encompassing, from the fantastic to the mundane, from the brilliant to the dull. At times, her artistic muse can be triggered by the slightest thing: a simple line in a book or song can inspire her. Katie finds beauty in the most unlikely places: from a sickly tree, to a cow visiting the fence line by her house. A wide range of references to pop culture old and new can frequently be seen in her collection, her art often finds its way onto t shirts, skateboards, boxes and other found objects. Always, her art is dynamic and vibrant with a keen detail to a human story in the urban landscape. Her best insights come from the photographs that people send to her for commissions. A painting can be visualised in an instant when the inspiration hits; there is nothing that she loves more than when she see the seed of her initial idea come to life on the canvas.


You can view her latest work and see the end stages of the process that goes into creating her art work on her Instagram. She has some exclusive pieces for sale through ELLIOTT POP. Katie is the founder and manager of popular artist promotional project at Pink Noise, BLACKEN and her personal website www.katieatkins.co.nz is a permanent display of her gutsy – sometimes irreverent – artwork.

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